Eastern Hingeback, Kinixys zombensis

The Eastern Hingeback tortoise, Kinixys zombensis, is native to southeast Africa with strongholds in Mozambique and South Africa.

Kinixys Zombensis Photo by Markus Lilje, North Uthungulu, South Africa

This species is extremely rare in the U.S.  I know of no animals in any AZA facilities and just a few animals in captive hands.  Since they were once considered a subspecies of Bell's hingeback, Kinixys belliana, their import was banned in the year 2000 and none have been legally imported since that time.

They are distinct, having a pattern of dark, blocky lines radiating from the aerolae of the scutes, contrasted with a very light colored background.

Kinixys zombensis domerguei, the Madagascan hingeback, is considered a subspecies and only occurs in a small geographic area in northern Madagascar.

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