Speke's Hingeback, Kinixys Spekii

Speke's Hingeback, Kinixys spekii, ©Nayer Youakim.  Photo of a captive animal at the Lory Park Zoo in Midrand, South Africa
Speke's hingeback, Kinixys spekii, is the lone savanna species of hingebacks that is regularly imported into the U.S. as of 2018. In 2019, it appears that few animals were imported. In the wild, they range from eastern to southern Africa. They are distinct because of their flattened, and sometimes concave carapaces, as seen in the individual above. In the wild, they are routinely found using animal burrows.  Of all the savanna species, this one is the most adept at climbing and digging.  Several keepers are regularly producing this species in captivity.

Bob and Susan of Backyard Tortoise built a fantastic outdoor enclosure for their group of K. Spekii at their home in North Carolina:

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