Saturday, October 12, 2019

Blake's Animal Ranch Visits the Kinixys Cooperative

When I started my search for a male Kinixys nogueyi hingeback tortoise, I started with David Mifsud.  He wrote the Kinixys Conservation Blueprint, and he is one of the world's experts on the genus.  When I sent him an e-mail back in the spring of 2018, I was fairly amazed to learn he was actually in Africa right then studying Kinixys in their native habitats.

Along with him was Jeremy Thompson.  While i don't remember exactly when Jeremy and I started e-mailing, Jeremy has been extremely helpful as I have taken on more animals with the intent of producing captive bred Kinixys homeana and Kinixys nogueyi.

Jeremy has had success breeding Homeana, Erosa, Spekii, and most recently Kinixys zombensis, likely for the first time ever in captivity in the U.S.

Jeremy's work recently caught the eye of Blake from Blake's Animal Ranch, and he visited Jeremy's facility and filmed many of his animals, including some stunningly beautiful cherryhead tortoises.

And don't let the title of the video fool you. Jeremy isn't in this for the money- he does it because he just loves tortoises.

Jeremy and David will be giving at talk at this year's Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group Conference in Mesa, Arizona.  I'll be there- will you?


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